Simple, transparent pricing to get started for free and scale up easily.

There are two ways to use our service. If you have a list of locations and you just want to attach spatial information to it, use the a-la-carte service. Or if you develop your own applications for others and want to build on our platform, you can subscribe to our API for fractions of a penny per data lookup.

A-la-carte Usage

Cut and paste your data, upload, or drag your file into the upload window. We're adding support for new file types, but right now we support Excel (XLS, XLSX), CSV, TSV, ESRI Shapefile, GeoJSON, and KML. Your file can have coordinates (grid positions for where your locations are) or addresses and we'll figure out where the locations are from the address. Once the file is uploaded, we give you a preview of what thinks is in your file. If we figured it out, you should see your points on a map immediately and you can go to the next step. If we need some help with your formatting, may ask some questions about how the data was prepared for upload so we can better understand it.

Once all the data is read, you'll choose from the list of spatial items you want to link to your data and we'll calculate the price based on a flat rate of $0.005 per query, or a half penny per lookup. Once you accept the price, you can enter the payment information via PayPal, Square, or credit card, and we'll prepare your data.

What you get back is a new dataset with your original locations plus all of the additional information you wanted packaged up in a format that best suits your needs. Right now we support GeoJSON, Excel, CSV, DBF, Shapefile, KML, HTML Tables, plus custom links you can use to embed your new data right into a web article, blog, tweet, or report in the form of a table, charts or maps with no coding required.

API Pricing Plans